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Dave proved his running talent on the school circuit, where he achieved Transvaal colours for Cross Country in 1985 and full school colours for Athletics and Cross Country.

Dave also won two inter-school titles in the 1500m, with 3 second places in the 1500m and two in the 800m. Three of Dave's records are still standing, including the fastest times for juniors and seniors over the schools' Cross Country route. 

He completed his student career with a fourth place in the steeplechase at the SA Technicon Champs.

Dave has competed in Cross Country, Veterans Athletics and Duathlon, 2003 being a particularly good year where he achieved Gauteng Team colours in both Duathlon and Track and had good results at the SA Champs in both disciplines. He was also awarded National Age Group Colours in Duathlon in 2002 and 2003

Dave is a registered SA Coach

Some of Dave's accomplishments:


1985 - 2000m: 5m54.3

1986 - 1000M: 2m29.8. Inter Bond Aflos, K.Park (1st)

1986 - 10km: 31m20. Brackendowns 10km (4th)

1986 - 1500m: 4m07.6 Schools Pres. Meet. Rau (2nd)

1986 - 21.1km: 69m48. Suikerbosrand 21.1 (4th)

1986 - 5km: 14m58. Zoo lake Celebrity Challenge (3rd)

1986 - Mile: 4m36.4. Melville Street Mile (8th)

1987 - 100m: 12.8s. Inter House Trials (1st)

1987 - 200m: 23.4s Inter House Trials (1st)

1987 - 3000m: 9m04.8 League Meeting Germiston (7th)

1987 - 400m: 56.5s Inter House Trials (1st.)

1987 - 800m: 2m00.2 Inter School Northcliff (2nd)

1988 - 15km: 52m20. Road Race Auckland park

1988 - 5000m: 16m10. MNET Prestige Meeting

1989 - 10 000m: 29m54. League Meeting Germiston

1989 - 12 km: 39m11. XCountry.  SA Technikon Champs

1989 - 3000m Steeple chase: 9m24.2. SA Technikon

          Champs. Stellenbosch (4th)

ABOUT Dave Coetzee


Who is David Coetzee?


How can he help me?


Firstly, my own personal performances.


True i have provincial and National Age group colours. Lets however forget these. These in themselves do not make me better able to help you.


This is not about me, it is about YOU!


You need to get to your goal race in the best possible condition. So i need to be able to help you run your best when it counts.


True i will draw on my own experiences to help assist you with this. It still stays about you. Race day is your time in the lime light, irrespective of whether you win or finish last, it is your day to do the best that you can do on that day. You have trained hard. Go out and enjoy it. Feel happy when you cross that finish line and know that you have done all that you could do on that day.


Secondly,my coaching approach.


I DO NOT follow one particular coaches approach. i have followed a number of international coaches over the last 15 years. In the beginning this was to enhance my own training and to better hone my sessions to get results. Over time this has developed into what i use to help you get better.


I believe in following a scientific approach and then drawing on the work of the original distance master coaches, the Finns and the Swedes, followed closely by a number of European coaches. These are essentially the people that invented the wheel. There then followed a long line of exceptional coaches. Lydiard, Coe, Wilson, Kennedy, Daniels, Bennet and The British Milers Club and many others i haven't mentioned, never mind our own great SA Coaches.


So what i do is assess what race you want to run and then use a scientific framework as the overall controlling factor on your training regimen. The overall loading i give you will then be primarily dictated by your race distance and what it demands from you. No race is equal, each race demands different levels of development from your various systems.


For Example, you would not train the same way for a marathon as you would for an 800m, but bear in mind that things are relevant! Lydiards 800m Woman would do a 32km long run as well every week.


So in a nutshell, i draw on the expertise and lessons learnt from a variety of sources. I then look at the individual and plan an approach as far as possible based on their specific requirements and life situation. In short i interpret what I see before me and then try to get the best possible result for each individual aligned to their personal goals.


That in simple terms is how i approach training and assisting people.


There are many other factors which play a part as well, and these vary from individual to individual.


What i DO NOT do is have programmes on my PC which i print and handout!


I like to deal with each person from week to week, i like to look into your eyes when the session gets tough, help build you up by creating a strong base foundation and then i can see how you are coping and where you need to be in line with your goal you have chosen.


Remember, Be smart. Train Don't Strain.