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An athlete's worst nightmare...Injury

Getting hurt sucks, we all hate it but it happens and when it does we tend to go from being a happy to a (very) grumpy athlete and this is usually how it happens: 1. Denial. No, I'm not hurt. My hamstring is just a tiny bit aggravated. I'm not limping; it's my natural gait.

2. Less denial with a bit of stubborness.... It hurts a little, but I think it will heal as I train through it.

3. The halfsies method. Yes it hurts. I have developed a recovery plan where I do the meat and potatoes of the training and cross train the rest of the time. That way, I get out of shape while overtaxing my body at the same time. Plus my injury stays aggregated.

4. The unintentional 3 days off: 1 day on method. I'll take 3 days off to let it heal. Then I'll ‘test it out’ to rehurt it and then take 3 more days off as protocol.

5. Band-aid method. Ok it hurts. I have no time, and I'll get fired if I don't run through it. Ibuprofen on tap please!

6. Sidelined. You win, body. I concede. After 7 weeks of being stupid, I repent and will learn to swim while the hammy heals. You know what sucks as much as injuries? The 2 hours you spend a day on the elliptical or bike trying to maintain fitness and not gain weight from your injury-depression-overeating.

- with credit to Phoebe Wright


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