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Valentines 10km Night Race 2016

Okay, So. On Friday 12 February i went and did this really crazy 10km Road race. AGAIN!!!! I did it last year.

Last year it was as a build up for the Vaal 10km and the furthest i had run at that stage was 6.4km in training. I finished it in 70m and some seconds, the official time was 69 something. i was ably paced by Brenda Taylor and the mighty Michelle Mee. All things Considered i was happy. First 10km in who knows how many years.

Okay, lets get this straight, i hate this 10 km route. Prior to 2015 I had raced it once when i was fit. It did not end well for me. A snail paced 38 or something. I then stuck to either helping or just watching.

Why do i hate it? Well lets see.

you start down Republic, for about 250m to 300m, from there it goes UP to silverpine, you turn left. You follow Silverpine UP all the way to the top, cross Rabie, Saturday 8km TT Route, you carry on UPPPPP with the Sat 8km TT route. Where the Saturday TT Route turns right you continue UP. Eventually after 3.754685 km of uphill you get some flatness and undulations and downs to just before the 7km mark. There are two sharp spikes in this part.

Just before 7 you turn right into the pancake flat Maria Rd. You then Continue all the way UPPPPP Maria road to the very TOPPP. and then turn left and back to Silverpine and home.

So back to 2016, I thought i had pacemakers Sorted out, I did not, well not the ones i had thought anyway.

So Joseph Maartens was there to run with me. Cayley and Derryn Short Joined us. Cool.

Great evening, great weather, Great turnout. We start Running.

At around 3 Odd Km i find out that one of My Domestiques is actually running their first 10km. Hmmmmmmm. Okay, roles reversed we now have to fulfill the coaches job, focus changes, motivation and help is needed. We actually have a complete jol, and i end up having both my athletes outkick me in the last 80m, this is not funny, but we will get even later. wink emoticon

Maria was hard work but we took it one block at a time and having to help and look after someone else up there was actually a blessing in disguise and helped me get over my own troubles.

Maria was topped out and we strode home.

65m43.4. Besides being out kicked i was ecstatic.

I had just accomplished something that i hadn’t done since around 2007 or so. I had run a full 10km WITHOUT walking!!!

Thanks Joseph, Very well Run Cayley. Well Done Derryn Short, Nice work Daniel.

Then a huge thank you to Graham Block, Mornay Durandt , Corne Van Zyl for organising the race. A massive thank you to all the Marshals and helpers. From a runners point of view it was seamless and I could focus on running. I had a place to warmup and get ready, going down to the start was easy. the gun went off and i ran, saw Marshall and got water at water points. took 4 water sachets 3 cold one warm, weird. Whatever, it was water. Got to the finish went through the lanes got my mug. Couldn’t ask for more really as a runner besides maybe a massage and a steak and egg dinner.

An apology is a must here.

Mike, Sorry, but the car was not moving after being told repeatedly to go. Thats why i ducked behind. Had to do the whole thing without walking.

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